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Crochet Physical Therapy Bio-implosion
What is Bio-Implosion?

Bio-Implosion can be described as a collapse of the skeletal system due to gravity as a result of hereditary mal-alignments in the foot.


At Crochet Physical Therapy, we work in a unique way to create a greater awareness of a prevalent condition in our population.  We have been able to develop a precise approach that makes a great deal of sense!  We would appreciate the opportunity to show you what we have learned as a valuable insight in preventing the greatest problem in orthopedic medicine, Osteoarthritis, “the wear and tear” disease. 

PREVENTION is the key, understanding Bio-Implosion and correcting abnormal alignment is the objective.

What's the main cause of Bio-Implosion?

Hyperpronation shifts our posture forward. The body’s center of gravity falls to the inside of the medial (inner) malleolus, the knees hyper-extend, the pelvis becomes unleveled- thus producing a functional leg length discrepancy- the shoulders protract (become rounded), and the head moves forward relative to the spine. The resulting process is termed Bio-Implosion.


Our experience has shown that hyperpronation is a lifelong problem, best managed by early prevention. This issue is the basis for the future Bio-Implosion pattern.  Compare it to a building… An unstable foundation can produce problems in the entire building.  Likewise, an unstable (excessively pronated) foot can produce problems in the entire body.

Crochet Physical Therapy Pronation
Crochet Physical Therapy Posture
How to Treat Bio-implosion?


Drawing from our research and expertise, we have developed a treatment plan to CORRECT HYPER-PRONATION and PREVENT BIO-IMPLOSION.

  • Skeletal re-alignment of the "Foot-To-Ground Relationship" using custom orthotics.

  • Appropriate "Muscle Balancing" exercises to stretch shortened muscles and soft tissue structures, as well as, increase strength in weakened muscles.

  • Adaptable treatments based on various patterns of compensation.



Custom orthotics allow us to create an indidivudalized approach to correcting hyperpronantion. Orthotics restore normal skeletal alignment in the leg by reducing excessive motion. Placing the foot/ankle in a "NEUTRAL" position, taking stress off of the soft tissue, and supporting the structures of the legs, knees, and calf muscles.

Orthotics Anchor
Crochet Physical Therapy
Crochet Physical Therapy
Crochet Physical Therapy
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