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recover AND TRAIN at crochet PT




Crochet Physical Therapy works with many athletes looking to advance their training. Whether looking for an increase in your training volume or working to improve your running form, the ALTER G is the solution for you. Featuring three dynamic camera angles, a low impact environment, and multiple running planes the ALTER G is 

Crochet Physical Therapy specializes in custom orthotics and hyperpronation screening. At Crochet Physical Therapy, we use the ALTER G for a dynamic approach to gait analysis. Direct visualization of foot-to-ground mechanics allows better design of custom orthotics to ensure optimal performance. Patients are able to actually see how orthotics are actually working!

Crochet Physical Therapy patients can utilize the ALTER G through guided therapeutic exercises. We use the ALTER G to serve as a means of helping recover from surgery, illness, medical conditions, and general deconditioning. 


Our physical therapists consult with each patient on their needs and goals utilizing the ALTER G. With more freedom, and various physical applications, Crochet Physical Therapy's ALTER G enables people to move in ways they could never have imagined. All to rehabilitate, maintain, and enhance physical function for better mobility, health, and performance. If you have questions or would like more info on the ALTER G please give us a call at 404-377-1223!

ALTER G is a registered trademark of ALTER G Inc. All information is for informational purposes only and serves to educate people on the uses and features of the Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

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