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At Crochet Physical Therapy, we specialize in many different rehabilitation services to help you achieve your goals. Our expertise includes Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Pre/Post Operative Rehabilitation, Fall Prevention, Functional Gait Analysis, Pediatric Injuries, and Orthotics.



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Sports Medicine

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Our physical therapists take the time to perform an evaluation and explain your condition.  The therapist will create a specialized therapy program based on the results of your evaluation and your physician's recommendations.  The therapy team will consider your individual goals, expectations, and physical abilities. We place considerable value on educating each patient of the cause and source of the problem, which empowers the patient to take an active role in their recovery.

We take pride in working closely with your physician's office regarding your evaluation and a plan of care for your treatment. Upon returning to your doctor, your therapy team will send an updated report describing your progress and recommendation for further care.

In most cases, you should expect the physical therapist to provide modalities in order to give you immediate pain relief.  Modalities might include electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser therapy, manual therapy (such as soft tissue mobilization and/or massage), and the application of hot and cold packs.  In the acute phase you will be instructed in proper positioning and self care to control your pain symptoms and enhance recovery.

Exercise is an essential component in your program. Patients will exercise while using a variety of equipment in a state of the art facility. The physical therapy team will also give you home exercises to reinforce specific movement patterns introduced in the clinic.

Each therapy session takes about an hour to an hour and thirty minutes, although some programs may vary in time depending on your customized exercise program.

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